Help Information

 Enter an identifying  name (for you) in the top "Identifying Name" box and hit the "Submit Query" button.

  Select the state in the 2nd box pulldown and hit the "Submit Query" button.

 Select the county in the 3nd box pulldown.

 Enter part of the name for the person you are searching for in the 4th box.  Then hit the "Submit Query" button.

 If your search produces more than 200 hits, the 5th box can be used to eliminate some of the hits.  For
more information on search tips, see Search Tips.

 After you find the person or people you are interested in, you can go to the USCemetery website and enter the
State, County, and part of the Cemetery Name to get the "Additional Information" files that contained the data
presented by this site.  In many cases those files will be an entire transcription of all burials in the cemetery.  You
may see more information on your person in those files, if the information on your person spans more than a
single line in that file.

 If you have information to contribute to this site, corrections to the data we have, or comments on
the site, just click the e-mail address at the bottom of the search page (or this page).

 Right now the user must search a particular county in a particular state.  In the future, if enough people
request it, we may allow searches of entire states, or possibly a search of the entire country.

 Again, we highly recommend going to the Search Tips page to get the most out of this website.

 Send any comments to