General Information

 The purpose of this website is to allow users to search for the burial records of particular people, or entire families.
If you find a person you are interested in, you might want to note the County and Cemetery name given by the
USPeople search and go to USCemetery to search for the cemetery and download the entire "Additional Information"
file, which is often a transcription of the cemetery.  This will give you a better context for the information available.
See the "Help" page for instructions on how to use this website.

 The area covered is currently the 50 United States.  There are plans to expand it to other countries, but that is a future item.

 Gathering data for the 50 United States is a daunting task.  We estimate that this depository holds less than 20% of the
cemeteries in the US, and very likely less than 10%.  The current number of cemeteries is in excess of 130,400.  The
number of burials records is many times that - perhaps up around 4,000,000 burials.  There are more than 5,142,000
records to search on this website, but some of those contain other information about the cemetery, and not burials records.

 Some states have absolutely no records at all:
AK, AR, DE, GA, HI, LA, MA, MD, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, SC, VA, VT, WA, WI, and WV.
Then a few other states have very few records:
CT, ME, and TX.
The others have a descent collection of burial records.  CA and MO have a ton of burial records.  Other states that
have a good number of burial records include:
OK, TN, AL, KS, OR, etc.

 We encourage you to contribute any information on cemeteries that you may have.  Any information you supply is much appreciated.

 This site was started in late 2009.  Please report errors to

 This site is very sensity to abuse, especially by hackers.  It's set so sensitive, it's likely to shutdown, possibly even under
normal use.  If you find it shutdown, it will probably be restarted within a few days.  Just try back later.

 This site is free.  There are no tracking cookies, spyware, or the like.  Monetary donations are not sought or needed.  Use the
site gratis for your needs.  If you feel compelled to make a contribution, contribute information about any cemeteries you
know of.  A simple Google search will turn up tons of information on cemeteries.  Submit a URL link to a cemetery, or a whole county
of cemeteries.

 Submissions of contributed information will probably show up on the website within a week or so.

 Yes, the appearance of this website is pretty crude.  My HTML skills are severely lacking.  But it is likely to improve with time.

 If you have a request for information that is not provided on the website, contact us at:
It's not likely we will have it, but it doesn't hurt to ask.

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