Location Information

Regarding the location information for the round barns. Some locations are only roughly known. Some are known precisely.   
The convention is that a lat/long without any tilde in front of it should be within 100 ft of the correct location. A lat/long with
a single tilde in front of it should be within 800 ft of the correct location.  And a lat/long with two tildes in front of it could be
miles from the correct location, or could be relatively close to being correct.  The lat/long is a number like 453014N0925820W
that is shown as the last record for each individual round barn record below the general map on the website.

The format for location information supplied by this website is DMS:NAD27, which means the figures are in degrees, minutes,
seconds in the NAD27 coordinate system.  So the lat/long of 453014N0925820W is 45 degrees, 30 minutes, and 14 seconds
north, and then 92 degrees, 58 minutes, and 20 seconds west. If you need to convert these DMS coordinates to another format,
see these websites:


Most GPS units default to the WGS84 coordinate system, which is essentially identical to the NAD83 corrdinate system.  In
the US midwest, where many round barns are located, there is relatively small difference between NAD27 and WGS84.  For
instance, the NAD27 location of 371500N0924103W is 52.5 ft ESE of the WGS84 location of 371500N0924103W.  This
location is in sourthern Missouri.  The NAD27 location of 453014N0925820W is 57.4 ft ENE of the WGS84 location of
453014N0925820W.  This location is in east-central Minnesota.

So for all practical purposes there is no need to do any conversion.  Simply enter the lat/long whether the GPS is set to
NAD27 or WGS84.  However, if you have a lat/long that is in the far western US, or is in Alaska or Hawaii, then a conversion
from NAD27 or WGS84 (NAD83) may be advisable.  Use this site for those conversions:

More information on the NAD27 and WGS84 datum systems can be found here:


  When submitting location information for a round barn, the desired format in order of priority is:

1) Lat/long in any format, like DMS NAD27: i.e. 381207N0964143W

2) UTM Coordinates: 701,808E 4,230,534N

3) Township-Range location: i.e. NE1/4, NE1/4, Sec. 30, T. 21S, R. 7E

4) Physical description: i.e From Homestead, KS, go 1 miles east
and then 1 mile north; the round barn is on the left.

The map locations provided are via the Google maps website:

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