Help Information

Enter a name in the top "Your Name" box and hit the "Enter Name First" button.  You can enter almost anything
in this box.  If you enter an e-mail address, we may contact you if we think you may need help.  None of the
information entered is sold or given to anybody not connected with this website.  This is an entirely non-commercial

Enter the town location in the 2nd "Location:" box and the radius in miles to search in the 3rd "Distance to Search in
Miles:" box .  The expected format for the 2nd box is "town, state" or "town, county, state".  Only part of the town name,
county name, or state name is needed, as long as it leads to a unique town.  If multiple towns fit the search parameters
entered, then all the towns will be listed, or if greater than 10, the number of towns that fit the search parameters will be
listed.  Keep refining your search until only a single town meets the search parameters.

The number entered in the 3rd "Distance to Search in Miles:" box needs to be between 0 and 300.  If no round barns
show up within 300 miles of the town specified, please specify another town.

If you have information to contribute to the listed round barns, just click the "Have more information on this Barn" or
"Submit a report on this Barn" link. Then fill out the form that pops up.  Please leave the Subject that pops up intact,
but feel free to add to the end of it.

If you have information to contribute on a round barn not listed in the database, just click any of the "Have more
information on this Barn" links and change the Subject that pops up to something like:
New Round Barn:  Pernell, OK.
That is for a new round barn near Pernell, Oklahoma.  In the Comments section enter the particular details for the barn.
We also appreciate any pictures you may have on the structure.

The Contribute Information form that pops up has
data entry fields for:

Your Name:
Your E-Mail:
Barn Link:

It is not necessary to enter any E-mail or Name if you don't want to, but we encourage you to if you
are the owner of the web page link you supply.  That way we can contact you if the link breaks.

The Barn Link box is for a URL link to information about the round barn.  A URL link looks like this:

The Subject field can also be changed, but it's best to leave the first part intact if you are contributing
information to that particular round barn.

The Comments field will take extended text entry, but does have a length limit. If you have substantial
information to contribute, it's best to mail it to
Attached files can also be sent to that address.

After the form is completely filled out, click the "Send" button to mail it.

Send any comments to