General Information

The purpose of this website is to be a data repository for round barns in the USA. Both existing and previously destroyed
round barns are included.  Please e-mail us if you have information to contribute.

The criteria for a round barn to be listed is a bit ambiguous, but generally round structures that are related to agricultural
are included.  Round barns in this database must have at least a rough location.  If the location is entirely unknown the
structure is not included in this database.

This site is designed from the perspective of the location of round barns in proximity to a town.  The site will show all known
round barns within a specified distance from a town.  A general map of the barns is shown at the top of the page, with
individual barn details shown below.  In addition, a picture of the barn is supplied if available.  Most of these pictures
are supplied by the Dale Travis Round Barn website
And finally an arial view of the site is supplied.

The area covered is currently the lower 48 United States. There are plans to expand it to other countries, but that is a future item.

There are currently 1,326 round barns in the database.  States with a high concentration of round barns inclued Indiana, Illinois, and
Iowa.  Most southern states have very few or no round barns.  The far western states also have very few round barns.
Below is a summary of the number of round barns in each state.  States not listed have no known round barns.

AR - 1
CA - 7
DE - 1
GA - 3
IA - 192
ID - 1
IL - 155
IN - 165
KS - 44
KY - 11
MA - 8
MD - 1
MI - 46
MN - 167
MO - 20
MS - 1
MT - 6
NC - 1
ND - 11
NE - 40
NH - 4
NJ - 4
NM - 1
NY - 31
OH - 85
OK - 7
OR - 10
PA - 38
SD - 40
VA - 13
VT - 23
WA - 17
WI - 161
WV - 9
WY - 2

We encourage you to contribute any information on round barns that you may have.

This site was started in early 2012 and is updated every couply of months.

Please report errors to

This site is very sensity to abuse, especially by hackers.  The site will shutdown if it detects hacker abuse.  If you find it
shutdown, it will probably be restarted within a few days or so, but it may be loaded to a new URL weblink if hacker
abuse is responsible.  If the site is shutdown and you'd like password controlled access to the site, e-mail us at:

This site is free. There are no tracking cookies, spyware, or the like.  Monetary donations are not sought or needed.  Use the
site gratis for your needs.  If you feel compelled to make a contribution, contribute information about any round barns you
know of.  If you find a website that covers a particular round barn, please submit a URL link to the round barn.

Submissions of contributed information will probably show up on the website within a week or so.

Yes, the appearance of this website is pretty crude. My HTML skills are severely lacking, but it is likely to improve with time.

If you have a request for information that is not provided on thewebsite, contact us at:  It's not likely we will have it, but it doesn't hurt to ask.


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