GPS Waypoint Files

This is only a small sample of my waypoint files.
I deleted hundreds of other files to get to this reduced list:

Please let me know if you have an interest in any of these.

Africa Waypoints.txt
Artificial Reefs off Mobile AL.txt
Artificial Reefs off NC.xls
Artificial Reefs off TX Coast.xls
Australia Waypoints.xls
BLM National Monuments -
BLM Wilderness Lands in
Camp Spots.xls
Chesapeake Bay Waypoints.xls
Coast Guard
Drive Ins.txt
Dutch Railway Stations.txt
East Africa Waypoints.txt
East Coast Intercoastal Waterway Waypoints.xls
GA Reefs.xls
Germany Waypoints.txt
FL Saltwater Boat Ramps.xls
Great Lakes Waypoints.txt
Hawaii Waypoints.xls
Hist Marker.xls
Historical Markers.txt
Historical Places.xls
Historical Sites - National Register.xls
Hot Springs in USA.xls
Iowa Campgrounds.xls
Katy Trail.txt
LA Launches.txt
LA Rigs.txt
LA Wrecks.txt
Lake Marion SC Fish Attractors.xls
LSHT Route.xls
Lake George Misc.txt
Lake Michigan.xls
Lewis Clark.txt
MI Rest Areas - 4-07.xls
MLB Stadiums.txt
MO Big Trees.txt
Missouri River Trail.xls
Monument Valley.txt
NBA Stadiums.txt
NFL Stadiums.txt
NHL Stadiums.txt
NY-NJ Waypoints.txt
Nascar Tracks.txt
New Zealand Waypoints.xls
OR Covered Bridges - 4-07.xls
OR State Parks.xls
Oil Fields.xls
Ozark Hightland Trail Waypoints.txt
Pacific Island Waypoints.doc
Places in the Bible.txt
Potomac River Waypoints.xls
RV Parks.xls
RV Sewage Dump.xls
RV Store-Business Lots.xls
RV waypoints Links - Extensive List.doc
Rest Stops.xls
Savannah River Ramps and Mile Markers.txt
State Capitals.txt
State Centers.txt
State High Points.txt
State TriPoints.txt
UT Wells and Springs Data.xls
WAAS Stations.txt
Weigh Stations.xls
World Locations Ver10.xls
Worldwide Airports.txt
Wrecks and Dive Sites.txt
Yellowstone - New Waypoints.txt

Airports, Archs, Basins, Beaches, Bridges, Buildings, Canals, Canyons,
Cemeteries, Churchs, Cliffs, Craters, Dams, Falls, Fissures, Geysers,
Glaciers, Harbors, Hospitals, Islands, Lakes, Levees, Locales, Mines,
Oilfields, Parks, Pillars, Plains, Post Offices, Populated Places, Ranges,
Rapids, Reserves, Reservoirs, Ridges, Schools, Springs, Streams,
Summits, Swamps, Towers, Trails, Tunnels, Valleys, Wells, and more.

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