Google+ Hangout Instructions

To use Google+ Hangout on a computer follow the instructions below.

Things you need:

1) A computer with a video camera.
2) An audio microphone and speakers.
3) A Google+ Account with Mike Flannigan in your Circles.

Most modern portable computers and many desktop systems have
everything you need.  If your computer doesn't have a video
camera you might be able to get one for under $20, or it might be
closer to $40 - I'm not sure.

The best option for the audio microphone and speakers may be
a headset similar to this:
These headsets are usually under $20, but are not necessarily needed
to participate in a Google+ hangout.  Sometimes the built-in speakers
and microphone work fine.

Once you have all the hardware you need you need to set up a Google+

Then try searching for "TAG NADF".  If you find Mike Flannigan ask
to be added to his circle of friends.  You should receive a reply within
one day. When contacted by Mike Flannigan add him to your Circle of
friends.  If none of this works for you contact Mike Flannigan at this
or the address below.

Then on the day of the meeting sign in to Google+ and wait for the invite to
the Hangout.

The topic of discussion will be anything related to Adrenal insufficiency (AI;
like Addisons).  We have done this Google+ Hangout  before, so we know
it works.

Is all this really worth the hassle?  Maybe not.  But if you already have the  
equipment and you have something you want to discuss with other AI people,
it might be worth a try.  Better yet, come to one of our quarterly meetings
at Clear Lake Library and meet with us face-to-face.  We have had some
very good meetings recently.

Instructions for the whole Google+ experience:

More on Google+

i-Phone / i-Pad app:

Contact Mike Flannigan at:


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